May 1, 2007

iGoogle 'gadgets' launched yesterday...

Now if you want to put a special note in your friends' Google homepage, you don't need to be a developer. Google launched on Monday the "make our own gadget" for their personalized homepage that they have renamed as (drumrolls) iGoogle.

So far looks like a new toy, not exceptionally useful but 'cute'. You can also change the theme of your personalized home.Below you can see an image of the new name with a test I did, a San-a-Day gadget...

Now...iGoogle? Reaaaally? There was NO better name? Not enough lawsuits going on? Not one creative that could come on with something better? Whassup? IPod, IPhone, IGoogle?

'Iwillcommitsuicide' would be my next favorite product if someone else launches another IProduct! Please!

I am not saying is an easy job to come up with products names (I have been there and believe me, is noooot easy) but with all the benefits that the simplicity of the name may entail, is boring, and at this point a common place created by another brand... (sigh)

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