May 2, 2007

The 'Logic' of the Army

The Army National Guard is telling its unit level Equal Opportunity representatives that it is OK to discriminate against atheists.

I love the logic behind it (from the original article): "The Sergeant Major who conducted the EO training for Ohio’s unit level EO reps told them that “since atheism is not a religion, atheists are not protected by the regulation and it is acceptable for officers and chaplains to disparage their own soldiers”.

As the same article explains, "This is, of course, a fallacy. To discriminate against a soldier because he has no religion is still discrimination on the basis of religion. The Army’s position on this is like saying that discriminating against someone because they are black is illegal, but discriminating against someone because they are “not white” is fine.".

As an atheist myself, I vote for the Army to keep this discrimination policy. I would really like to not see one atheist joining the Army (c'mon guys why join a group that considers is ok to discriminate you?). And then lets keep the 'war on terror' forever. In the long run, we win. If the war on terror continues (and remember that the guys that invented the concept are guys terrorized by anything that moves that does not speak English, so they can easily have a war forever) the ones that will remain alive and in this country will be mostly us, the atheists. And then, finally, it would be our turn to run the country! :D

Original Article: American Chronicle


Anonymous said...

I think that talking about discrimination in the army validates the institution. Army consists of people trained to kill.

You mean that hiring of the people to murder should be done according to the guidelines set by affirmative action, ACLU, or others?

Anonymous said...

My take? This just shows how strategically inept our poitical/military leadership(religious/conservative folk in general?) are.

At the same time, it makes anyone with half a neuron (gay, straight, les, strangely pigmented, who cares as long as they can shoot) wonder: is this the America I would die for?

Social Observer said...

Atheist are discriminated against because they are the first to apply logic and reason and of course, they have already demonstrated a disdain for authority.