May 4, 2007

Simple ideas that could make our lives easier

This is a great idea, presented by a student as his final project.

The idea is simple but powerful: Magnetic Hangers. It is simple, helpful, neat.

As far as I know it hasn't been developed yet at an industrial level, but seems easy to develop.

The only thing you need are strong magnets and some hangers with extra strong magnets (a bit more expensive) for heavy coats.

But not only it makes easier to 'hang' things if you are short like I am (as you will not need to 'stretch' yourself so much, just extend the hanger and the magnet will stick to the metal top) it allows you to have a top metal in any shape (rectangular, square or round) and arranged your clothes in different ways that the normal hangers will never allow.

I hope someone can fund this student and they can start making them really soon! :)

As seen in Creative Juice

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