Jun 3, 2007

Is Googlewhacking dead?

When I found GoogleWhack some years ago, I made an effort to avoid getting hooked to it because it has all the ingredients, as a game, to make you addicted.

The other day, searching for something else, I came across it again but now it seems to be dead, what is a bit weird. With so many new sites (and blogs) it should be even more difficult to make it to the list.

For those that have no idea what Googlewhack is about, let me tell you it is a fun challenge: enter 2 words in google, NO quote marks allowed and you would get a winner if your combination comes back with JUST ONE RESULT.

Ok, the rules are a bit more complex, and you can read them here. The site seems to be dead now but still if you want a challenge "just because", try it!

Remember: Two words (existing words, of course), no quote marks, ONE result. Good luck!


Unknown said...

Took about 20 minutes to find this one: cyprianophobia endometrial. Not sure if it exists in the Whack Library, but definitely this game can kill a whole day so beware.

Unknown said...

I couldn't resist doing another one, on company time of course. This one was much quicker: gephysrophobia lard

San said...

Seems to me that you have found a niche on the phobias, LOL. :))

Unknown said...

So what's the deal? Is googlewhacking dead? If so, I will stop submitting new winners, like today's lunchtime find: senscient aboriginal.

Anonymous said...

I think I found a googlewhack! Comedogenic Argentinians. It's a great distraction technique from homework. That is probably why my science homework is incomplete. Do you think it's a valid homework excuse to say that I found the "Perfect One"? I don't have a very large vocabulary, I'm afraid, but I do know a lot about skin care products, and that is how I found The Perfect One.*tear*