Jul 20, 2007

...And We Got Married!...

Yeap yeap yeap. Believe it or not, in July 18th, we have gone too far and we...uhm, ehem, we got married!!!

Crazy, just crazy. Glenn may say the same, but considering this is his second attempt to such craziness he can't say he didn't know what it was about. Me, poor me, I have been avoiding such committment for a long long time, but finally I surrended.

Here is the best picture of the happy couple:

For those of you 100% anglos that do not know who she is, (I guess you all know Kenny from South Park), her name is Mafalda, she is more or less my age and is an extremely famous argentinian cartoon that has been a success in Latin America and Europe for many years and has been translated to several languages, including Greek and Chinese.

I always wondered WHY it was never translated to English. Anyway, I had her name as one of my nicknames when I was a child and with some good reasons. Not only her mother and mine have the same name, Raquel, but according to a Wikipedia short definition of the character, she is "an approximately six-year-old Argentine girl with a strong political view of the world and a proverbial hate for soup. Her political stance, which she often demonstrates by aphorisms, is centre-left wing and highly pessimistic. The comic strip revolves around her and her friends' everyday life focusing on small insightful incidences; Mafalda herself is smart, witty, polite yet quick-tempered, strong-minded and curious, which is a frequent source of concern for her father as he often finds himself confronted with embarrassing questions. Mafalda's relation with her friends and family is warm but studded with criticism, she also acts tomboyish at times (...) and wishes to work as an interpreter for the United Nations when she grows up."

Well, when I was a kid, around that age I would ask typical "Mafalda questions" to my parents. One that my mother has written down in her little black book of "Sandy weirdness", was: "Mom in this country is it required to get married?" (I was more or less 5 years old).

Good thing it wasn't required, what allowed me to avoid getting married for all the wrong reasons (because you have been dating this guy long enough or because you are old enough to "settle down" or all those horrible excuses) and stayed happily single until this other weird guy shaked all my convictions (starting with my promise to myself of never marrying an engineer) and got me to say "I do" and "Si quiero"..., because I couldn't help it but to say it in both languages!

PS: If you want to read a little more about Mafalda, you can first read a description of the characters in Wikipedia and then read the very very few ones that have been translated to English (I suggest you start from the bottom of the page up to understand it better)

PS2: My biggest difference with Mafalda is that I do love soup! (in almost everything else, we are pretty similar)

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