Aug 1, 2007

The good, the bad and the ugly (dog)

The good: Wisconsin legislators have introduced a bill that outlines how divorcing couples and the courts should handle custody battles over pets. Of course as a pet lover, I am glad someone can understand that, for some of us, that could be an issue. My dog has been with me for almost 9 years now and while he loves Glenn as much as he loves me, I consider my dog "my child" --as simply as that.

The "bad": On the other hand, a dog with voting rights, seems to me a little too much. But even when the law call him a "bad dog" (well, not him...., his owner) I truly believe that what was done, was done for a greater good. I think the owner shouldn't have to pay a fine. She made a pretty good point about how easy can be to have 'registered' voters that .... should not vote. I would have fired a couple of guys instead of giving a fine to the woman.

The ugly: No doubt here. This dog, Elwood (see below) was the winner of the ugliest Dog Contest that took place in Sonoma, CA. Now, for the last years the winners have all been "Pure bred Chinese Crested" or a mix between Chinese Crested and Chihuahuas... I don't get the popularity of the Chinese Crested ones... I mean, poor little things they deserve to live, but why breed something SO ugly?

Here is Elwood, the last winner:
To see all the contestants, click here.

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