Aug 31, 2007

How to Ruin a Porsche

I am all for creativity. For trying different things. I used to play with the color for my hair from blonde to violet I have tried all the colors I wanted. I am all for defying conventions when it comes to objects and try new things on them.

Now... even I have a limit! And here is a perfect example of something I would not do: transform the rims of a Porsche in "hippie rims". I am not a car fan, nor a car expert. But the Porsche is a nice car... why would you do THIS to it?

Apparently, this is the new trend in Russia. "No" to decorate the car with airbrushed designs, "yes" to decorate the rims. I can't help but wonder if someone else (appart from the Russians) like this idea.

Anyone out there that love it?

Via: EnglishRussia

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