Aug 29, 2007

Where I Spent My B'day - (Lost in Translation)

For Spanish speakers, this is a "sin comentarios" (porque ademas Key West queda literalmente en la concha de la lora...). English speakers, read below the picture...

Ok, I shouldn't be teaching this type of slang to non Spanish speakers, but they should know why this was a bit funny for me.

In Spanish and more specifically in Buenos Aires (I can't vouch for all Latin America) when something is very very very far away and isolated, we say that is situated "en la concha de la lora" (Please note that this is NOTHING THAT YOU WANT TO REPEAT IF YOUR SPANISH IS LIMITED, ok?). According to my sources (thanks Scott!) is similar to the American "BFE".

This is 'not educated slang' that literally translates as located in "The parrot's conch" BUT the catch is that conch in our slang means... well... ehem... yeah... well... pussy!

So considering that Key West is not exactly near anything, that you have a long trip to get there, it was really funny once I arrived to learn that the area is called "the Conch Republic". I may even start saying that something is in "La Republica de La Concha" instead of using the parrot's one... at least I know now where the Conch Republic is...;)

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