Sep 24, 2007

Amazon Widgets and Google on the Moon

In the last couple of weeks two releases from the 'big names' have finally seen the light. One was long due, being that one the Amazon Widgets. If you are an Amazon Associate, now you have more ways to present products and one of the new widgets allows you to create links on the fly. I bet a lot of people will be grateful about that one!

I tried one, the clouds tag but without too much luck. Supposedly, it learns from your content and offers products related to it. I understand that it 'needs to learn' but I couldn't find any relationship between my blog and their offers so I took it off. Patience is not one of my virtues and I don't like to have totally unrelated products in my store. Nevertheless, if you want to check the new widgets Amazon has to offer, just click here and take a look.

The other release, this time from Google, is Google Moon. Pintoresque, cool, something new, no doubt. Personally I am much happier with the fact that they finally fixed a couple of annoying usability glitches in their home page. I am all for 'Eyes in the sky, feet on the ground' (meaning, aim high, but meanwhile take care of your actual products).

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