Sep 6, 2007

Addicted to Labeling

Another 'game' that can be addictive, this time from Google Labeler...

They have NOT done a good work at explaining how it works, so here is some insight (after playing more than a couple of times).

Once you enter, they will pair you with someone else. You and that person will be shown pictures, some easy, but most of them difficult to interpret (sometimes because they are blurry). You have to enter words that you would use to 'label' that picture. Once one of your words matches a word that the other person has entered, you (both) get points and a new picture is shown. You have 2 minutes in total, so the more words you enter, the more quicker you may get a 'match' and a new picture will be shown to both of you.

Now (very important) if the other person requests to "pass", you too hit pass. If you don't hit pass, you spend your 2 minutes with that picture, entering words without any possibility to match the other one, because s/he is not entering any word.

In some cases, they will give you a list of "off limits" words, so you are NOT supposed to use those words for that picture, making it a little more difficult.

Once you finished (2 minutes later) you can see for each image more info, including what words the other person entered. This is (for me) the most interesting part. You can not only enhance your vocabulary, but you can also notice how sometimes we REALLY see different things when seeing the same image... and believe it or not, sometimes by the labels you can tell the level of general knowledge of the person on the other side!

About the points: you get 2 results, your "Today's ranking" and your "all time ranking". They are way different: the first one is related to the pair that made more points as a team that day, while the other is your 'personal' all time score (if you have signed in with a nickname, of course).

So, here is the link to play the game. And just in case, if you find yourself paired with 'scbr'... that's me and the game is on, baby! :)

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