Oct 5, 2007

Ad Bakery

One thing I love about the web is the fact that one thing takes you to the other with just one click. So if you are an extreme curious person as I am, you can go from Shakespeare to the (allegedly) more viewed video in YouTube in just 4 clicks.

Now, online networking has made everything easier and personally I am having more fun. A couple of weeks ago I decided that I HAVE to network a bit more, so I become more active in LinkedIn. A conversation there took me to AdGabber (another social network but for the advertising/creative crowd) and AdGabber took me to Ad Bakery.

AdBakery's slogan or definition is "your idea shop". More or less it is...., I mean is a place to look for already cooked ideas, real/professional ideas (as in part of a campaign that is showing somewhere) or 'not real'/amateur ideas (as in I have an idea for a product, here it is, do you like it?).

Anyway, is the kind of site that I will visit from time to time. I thought several times about about starting something like it (a bit more professional oriented) and I still think that with the right marketing could be a very interesting and popular place. They do not have so much material for now but I will be watching to see how it goes, and hopefully it may become another source of creativity.

Meanwhile, here is one of the TV commercials posted there. I really like it. Subtle, with that English 'sense of humor' that is sooooo special...

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