Oct 20, 2007

Anti Oops Products

More and more we use email and IM's at work and even for the best of us (ahem, ahem) is becoming very difficult to avoid screwing up from time to time by sending an IM or an email to the wrong person... you know, those moments when you hit "send" and right after you shout "Sh*t!"

Not always the the problem is the wrong recipient: sometimes you send the email to the right person but under the wrong influence (I am not talking alcohol necessary, I was thinking more in the lines of anger, frustration or any of those feelings under which writing emails should be forbidden).

Last week I came across BigString a service that allegedly can have your email on a leash. You send it to the wrong person? Delete it now, even if it is in their inbox already! Wanted to add something but it was sent already? C'mon, you can do it!

Of course my first thought was I HAVE to try this product.., but as happens often with me, my second thought was "is this the only one?". So I made a quick research and the answer, to my surprise, is no. Apparently, there are at least 10 services out there that offer something similar. The complete list is available at "ThinkAbdul", a.k.a Techno(dot)Blog.

Now my life has become more complicated. I would like to test the 10 of them, but I am not sure I have the time and energies to sign up for the free account with all of them. So, I will try one, probably BigString (mostly because I like their logo) :) and I will write about he experience.

Meanwhile, if ANY of you have tried any of the other services, or if you are willing to try them and let us know your experience, it would be great. I mean, these services should be way more popular than they are, so I am really curious about how easy they are to use and how good they are at the end.

If you are using one of them, please send your review. The good part is that you always can delete the email later... ;)

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