Oct 15, 2007

"Blog Action Day" (from Paris)

My "call to action" asking for 'green ads' was more successful than I expected. Either people care about the environment more than it seems or I need to shout for help more often!

It doesn't really matter, I am glad it worked. So this material was sent by Dan from Paris (not to be confused with Dani from Brazil). He generously sent me three ads about the environment, all of them print ads.

I must confess that this first one freaked me out a bit because it includes an URL and when I type it in, I found out that it was pointing to a site (blog) that I have visited a couple of times already. So I am not sure if the ad is real (was printed somewhere) or it was an idea never published. I liked it anyway, and I am sure that Dan can give us more details about it... here it is:

He sent another one, very simple, that focus on the concept of biodiversity, I can't read who the company/sponsor/brand is, but here is the ad:

Finally, he sent a more "intellectual" ad that has a very interesting concept. It reminds us that whatever we do to save the environment we also need to make room for human activity. I translated the copy below the ad.

If we say environment, what do you see?


You see a tree. But paradoxically, you should see an industrial challenge too. Because today we need to know how to reconcile human activity and environment. The increasing use of water and energy, the production of waste and the growing of cities, all need an industrial solution. A great company has made of this, their job. Is the job of Veolia Environment.
Veolia Environment. Because taking care of the environment is an industrial challenge.

I like the idea mostly because it is real. We need to protect the environment and at the same time be able to grow... what is without any doubt, a big challenge.

PS: Dear friends make sure you read the comment, as it includes more information about each ad.
(Thanks Dan for the material and the info!)

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DAN said...

I'll try to give you more info about theses ads.

The first one is a piece of 3 visuals (there was also a fridge and a car) ads targetting belgian citizens. The government has decided to create original video with a strong impact about the domestic aplliances and vehicles and their consumptions. The ads was published in belgian magazines.

The second ad was published in many french magazines for a foundation, the Hulot Foundation (http://www.fondation-nicolas-hulot.org/). Nicolas Hulot is a major french ecologist and a famous TV anchor. During the presidential campaign, he proposed an ECOLOGICAL PACT wich was taking very seriously by the candidates.

The last ad is from VEOLIA, a big company in environmental services. The company is getting very strong and I like the message they are trying to give. I'm sure we can live and growing without making damage around. Here is just one of the five visuals. There was also a butterfly, a fish, a flower and I forgot the last one. (http://www.veoliaenvironnement.com/en/)