Oct 12, 2007

People I Like...

Don't ask me how, but yesterday I ended up in a site that is called Gawker Artists where a group called Vinchen was displayed.... and I do not know who they are but I like them already!

According to their blurb, "Vinchen wastes time creating reminders for things people would rather forget. In doing so Vinchen hopes to reinvigorate our atrophied sense of outrage and rouse us from the comfortable stupor to which we have grown so accustomed. Vinchen's intention is to redraw the way we receive our surroundings by adding to or removing from what ordinarily goes unnoticed; to create a spectacle hidden in clear view."

With a logo that reminds me a bit to the one of ¨Vendetta¨ (the comic made into a movie this last year) they are the type of people that I like... they work with graffittis and other media, being sometimes antagonistic, but making a point.

This is what they have to say about creativity...

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