Nov 14, 2007

Another Skull in the Closet

One day I will write the complete story about how with my father we tried to 'get back' his grand- grand- grand mother's skull from the cementery. Is a long story but a funny one.

Meanwhile I can tell you that we didn't succeed but I hope that just that fact shows that my fascination with skulls may be 'genetic' :)) as it was my father's idea to try to get the skull.

Nevertheless, genes or not, I love skulls. If you have been reading this blog often, you know that already. I also like jewelry and recycling and lately I have been playing with some vintage silver as I want to start 'recycling' old jewelry and made with old pieces new stuff.

So, when I saw this "geek skull bracelet" I thought it was a great idea. Is jewelry, is recycled material and is a skull.. what else can we ask for, right?

I don't do this type of recycled jewelry (I am still using silver and stones) but I find the idea pretty cool. If you want one of these, you can go to StupidFingers and buy one. They are just $20 bucks and if nothing else..., they should be great conversation starters!

Google search skull --> Wired --> Makezine--> Livejournal --> StupidFingers

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J.S. Zolliker said...

hehehehe, I want to hear the story!!


(I come from asw thread)