Dec 26, 2007

The Art of (Re)Creating Stories

Stories are, when taken to the very very basic core of them, just a few. From Romeo & Juliet to Alien, they are always about basic human feelings, good and evil, love and hate, war and peace, "them" and us. Still, there are thousands of millions of stories out there that are (for real) original stories.

The main reason that makes that possible is that stories are like us, humans.We do have a common DNA that makes us 'humans' but the devil is in the details and those 'details' makes us so different (or not).

Advertising works creating stories that should reflect either a concept or a virtue related to the product or the brand. But advertising has also the option to work (re)creating stories that are popular from another point of view, using what the public will recognize from the original story in a way that would help make their point.

There are endless examples of this resort, and here is a good one: the 2006 campaign of VW with the bunnies recreating well known films in just 60 seconds.

VW - Alien

Take a look to the some of the other movies from this campaign, like Jaws, The Shining, Star Wars, Rocky and Pulp Fiction

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