Jan 11, 2008

The Booby Wall

Is all about boobs. Naked, dressed or in underwear, the Booby Wall is a virtual interactive wall full of breasts that is not about Hooters or Playboy but about health.

The Booby wall is there, waiting for your picture of your real boobs, for a good cause: Breast Cancer Prevention.

Part of the Canadian "Rethink Breast Cancer" campaign, the Booby Wall sponsored by Schick Quattro for women encourage women to self exam their breasts and then take a picture of their breasts to upload to the Booby Wall.

This ever-growing online gallery of real boobs is designed to remind women about the importance of breast health. With a nice slogan "Show your breasts some TLC!", TLC in this case does not stand just for "tending loving care" but also for "Touch. Look. Check.", three first steps that can help breast cancer early detection.

Each picture can be send with a dedication and if that is the case will be published with it. Check out more about the campaign at the Rethink Breast Cancer website or you can directly visit the wall to upload your photo. You are a guy, no picture to send? Then check out this other campaign from Spain that involves you directly.

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