Jan 15, 2008

Kids Products -Now Just for Adults

Two complete different 'products' that nevertheless have something in common: the fact that after seeing them you'll never be able to see those kids' birthdays with balloon figurines and home made cookies the same way again -ever!

A bit disturbing at first glance, they are both very good ideas. This first one is in fact not a product but an asian advertisign campaign for condoms. The client is Durex and the agency is Ogilvy & Mather (Singapore).

The ones below are products; they are real cookie cutters and if you want to spice up an adult gathering, you can buy them at this Swedish site. Is not like they have the whole Kama Sutra, but you will have enough cookie cutters to remind everyone that sex comes in different shapes and forms.

Via Azrhey findings and Creativity Mag

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