Jan 27, 2008

One of a Kind B'Day Cards

In my daily hoppings from site to site following links, I came accross the site of an interesting young graphic designer. His name is Tim Belonax and he has some good material specially designing book covers.

He is also one of the creative minds behind the idea of a police looking tape that instead of being used to delimitate a crime scene was used to show that... "everything is ok" (that was the advertising campaign for a website called... you guess it right, everythingisok.com). The campaign was conceived by the design studio MINE.

But from all his work what attracted me the most was the birthday card that he made for his father's 60 birthday celebration. As great ideas tend to be, it is incredible simple.

Judge by yourself...

...isn't it strikingly lovely?

Found via -->Its nice that--> Tim Belonax

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