Jan 26, 2008

An Open Minded Sign

I like open minded people and I try to be one (and I believe I am, at least most of the time).

But let's go straight to the point: when I read that this restroom sign that you can see below was in fact a a proposal a designer presented to a lab in GM and that they actually decided to use it, GM automatically gained some points with me!

Of course I couldn't help but wonder if they actually have a third restroom... if I was there I would try that one, just to see who are the other ones that also would choose that "third option".

I found this picture in Flickr and if you like it, you may want to check this guy collection of Funny Signs..., and if you don't get scared easily, I seriously recommend his pictures of Evil Dolls!


Anonymous said...

Nope, our lab had unisex restrooms (odd for GM), but I thought unirace would be more fun. So did the directors so they let me keep it on the doors for five years.

Chameleons said...

You see these in the white house and area 51

Anonymous said...

Your article is very good yet little short. I hope you next articles could be little more elaborate that this one. Still good job.