Jan 21, 2008

Similar Concepts for Different Outcomes

If you have ever seen the any of the Verizon Wireless ads (from "Is the network" campaign) you will probably agree with me that this nice ad from India works a similar concept, just from another angle. As it always happen when you have a concept (in this case it could be loyalty, trustworthiness) there are several ways to express that concept.

While Verizon has a very effective campaign based that makes us smile, this campaign from Hutch also has that "cutiness" factor that only pets and kids can give (and if you have a kid and a pet like in this case, much better...).

Check it out until the end, where the best shot is!


Abhishek said...

This is the oldest advertisement of Hutch (now Vodafone in India). This ad established the brand Hutch in India which was sold to Vodafone for around $18 billion. Its really a cute ad and there are number of ads featuring the doggy. You should check out the latest vodafone ads which are going on. They are simply superb.

San said...

Thanks for the info! I will look into more ads from this campaign.