Feb 1, 2008

Art on Ballpoint

When I was starting on advertising as a copywriter one day I found out that one of my favorites graphic artists, Ciruelo Cabral had also worked for advertising agencies (in fact, later on I worked with someone that worked with him when he was just starting, what by some illogical reason made me an extremely happy girl for that whole day).

From his "commercial" work of that moment, I will always remember some drawings made just with a simple Bic® blue ballpoint pen. They were exquisite detailed and draw in a way that remind me of the pointillism movement. After that, I have seen here and there draws made with Bic but until now nothing really impressed me.

Today, all that changed when an article took me to the site of Juan Francisco Casas, a Spanish artist whose photorealistic drawings and paintings have me wonder if that were not paintings over real photos. It turn out they were not and that is probably why Juan Francisco has already a long list of awards on his resume.

Below you can find some of his drawings and oleos. The blue ones are just plain balloint pen, the one in color is oleo.
Arent't they amazingly detailed and realistic?

If you want to see more of his art you can visit Juan Francisco's site (not the most user friendly site but worthy anyway). The site is in Spanish and English but the English part is not really finished.

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