Feb 14, 2008

Brad Pitt With Alice (not Angelina)

No, this site has not become a gossip site from one day to the other, is still mostly about advertising. But is a fact that a big number of stars, starlets and very good actors too, have started their career acting for TV commercials and most of them keep doing it when they have already became famous (for more money that's all).

That seems to be the case of Brad Pitt, who has been doing ads for Heineken, Rolex and Toyota among other brands. Most of those ads are for markets outside the USA.

Now, he has a new commercial in Germany. Sadly I don't have it with subtitles and my German is not good enough, but apparently the idea is that Brad Pitt’s bike runs out of gas and he goes to this family’s house to use the phone. The girl in the family is a big fan of his, so the mom tells her she’s not going to believe who is there. The mom then tries to get Pitt to stay more time with them by telling him how great their phone service is and getting him to check his e-mail too, even when Brad's German seems to be as fluent as mine (we both understand "DSL" and "email").

Here is the ad:

As you can see is not the most creative one, not bad, not necessary great. Now take a look into his history in advertising, and you will find this one good...

...compare to his very very first ads, like the one for Pringles or the one for Levis! After seeing those you can tell there is a huge quality jump with what he has been doing lately. Yes, from those Pringles to Germany, "You've come a long way baby!"

Still one of my favorites ads with him (not sure why, really!) is his Hong Kong Heineken ad..., but Jennifer Aniston ad for the same brand is even simpler and better. Below you can see both.

Heineken - Brad

Heineken - Jennifer

Angelina? Seems she is not so much into advertising, thanks... (and Happy Valentine's day!)

Via YouTube and Cele/Bitchy

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