Feb 18, 2008

Destroy With Style

This is not really a new product, but they have been including more and more stuff and it actually can be very therapeutic.

What it is about? Easy. Is about punishing the evil ones. Is about easy satisfaction. Is about experimenting new sensations by destroying websites.

Yes, that is what is all about: if there is a website that you seriously hate by any reason (it could be because is slow, ugly, or because they never delivered what they promised, who cares!) the only thing you need to do is to enter the URL, choose the punishment and let it work, if you choose automatic. You can be more proactive and choose the manual option, what means that once in the website the punishment will be literally in your hands. Will be up to you how much damage you want to do and what method you want to use!

So go ahead, visit Netdisaster and "destroy the web".

Disclaimer: No actual website is destroyed in the process

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