Feb 28, 2008

Mac vs PC - The Dubai Version

A bit more direct (and meaner) than the Mac vs. PC campaign from the US, this campaign from Dubai for Mac has, nevertheless, what we can call the "Mac touch": nice, very clear-cut design that can be summarized as "cool" design.

While I am not impressed for how the direct comparison works in each case, I love the closing statement that is the motto through all the pieces:

"No pain. More gain with Mac"

Here the ads, you can click to enlarge. Needless to say, the doggie one is my favorite...

Formula One with PC

Title: If Formula One were a PC.
Copy: "Macs never require pit stops. No rebooting, no hassles and no hiccups when connecting new peripherals.No pain. More gain with Mac."

PC Girlfriend

Title: If your girlfriend were a PC.
Copy: "A Mac turns heads for the right reasons. Sculpted surfaces, gorgeous graphics - it's always perfect eye candy. No pain. More gain with Mac."

And finally the doggie...

PC Dog

Title: If your pet were a PC.
Copy: "You'll never have to train a Mac to give you the right kind of leg up with an OS upgrade. No pain. More gain with Mac."

Agency: Intermarkets, Dubai

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