Feb 20, 2008

Positioning a Candidate

I have been trying to avoid here the topic of the upcoming elections, because the moment I open my (big) mouth I am usually seen as a cynic. My problem is that because of my experience and formation, it doesn't matter who I like, I see them as products anyway.

And I am pretty good at telling who will they get votes from considering their 'positioning' or if the communication of their brand is adequate for the target their aiming.

So I look at them, their public speeches, their manners (and mannerisms), their slogans and their websites as I would do with any other product. I see packaging (McCain and Hillary have some problems there), I see brand, positioning and "promise of the brand".

You have probably seen already the Obama video, Yes We Can.
Now, check out the mixed that someone made for McCain. Is a parody of course, but I believe a small part of his target is probably ok with those statements and probably see nothing wrong in that positioning.

Let's compare them side by side...

Starting with the original; Obama - Yes We Can

Now, the parody; McCain - Bomb Bomb Iran

Is not only what the "products" are... is also how they are perceived. And more, way, way more importantly so, is how the 'consumer' feels when choosing that product.

If the whole campaign was based in just these two videos, who do you think will win (and where)?

Via YouTube and BoingBoing

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