Apr 30, 2008

Look Twice

This is a very ingenous advertising campaign from South Africa. These posters are placed on the walls of bathrooms in pubs and clubs. They look like old Russian propaganda posters, and at first sight they seem write in Cyrillic... But what makes the ad so ingenious is the fact that is a mix of message, brand and "location".

If you are still wondering what is the message on it, take a second look (or click to enlarge). This ad is located facing the mirrors on the bathroom, so when you are washing your hands... you can easily read the message.

It seems to me like a great idea, specially considering that the brand behind this campaign is "Russian Bear" Vodka. So they keep the "Russian spirit" but they get your attention, probably twice, over a message that seems to be necessary to repeat over and over again.

Source: my friend Advert-Eyes, a great website focused on print advertising!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

it's not russian. it's a collection of random letters, in fact theres actually some letters that don't even exist in the russian alphabet. looks good, tho minus for the effort