Apr 8, 2008

More Business Cards Worth a Look!

No, I am not obsessed with business cards, and yes, I have already posted a good number of them, here and there. But I truly believe that creativity applied to business cards is worth noticing; it is a form of advertising too.

Is a "first impression" tactic and even when it really doesn't mean that the owner is the best professional in their industry it helps when the cards is easy to remember or even better, easy to spot among the other 3 trillion cards that we all have stacked somewhere.

So, here are more examples of business cards with some extra value added:

The Passionate Art Director
(So passionate, that has bloody business cards)

The edgy graphic designer
(I hope his work is as good as his card and we do not need
to use his business card to cut our veins after seeing his work)

Last but not least, a very special one. You don't see very often creative lawyer's business cards, but this one seems to be the exception...

The Divorce Lawyer
(very graphic indeed!)

Of course, not everyone can afford these business cards. And in my humble opinion if you can't make them extremely relevant, go with traditional ones.

And no, I am not done with business cards, by the way. I am in the process of interviewing another designer that has a whole project based on business cards. Stay tuned!

Found at Creative Bits


Jennifer said...

Wow! Those are really neat business cards!! I agree that it's hard to find interesting cards. Most people don't even try. There's a company that sells business card magnets and that's a good way to make ordinary paper business cards a little more interesting. Right now, the company is giving away 50 free magnets.

Unknown said...

Very innovative business cards! Makes me want to rethink my own.