May 20, 2008

A Change is Coming

This image below is there just to share my thoughts... Ugly Doggy needs a redesign! I know it will not be soon and for sure not as soon as I would like it (yesterday?). Hopefully I would use some of my summertime to work on the so needed "change" (no pun intended), but I shouldn't promise anything --not even to myself.

Don't worry I am not planning to go "graffiti", in fact I will probably go the other way around, as white and as clean as possible. Just theory so far, anyway.(UPDATE: theory became reality sooner than I expected...thanks to the long weekend for Memorial Day!)

So why the graffiti? Because yesterday I trip over "The Graffiti Creator" a site that allows to do just that -create a graffiti- and believe me, playing with it may become addictive.

You need to really play with it to understand all the possibilites and have in mind that from font to font the possibilities change and with them some of the rules. But is fun, easy for non-designers, and you can work each word separately or all of them at the same time, and the combinations are really endless! Just don't blame me if you find yourself playing with it for hours, uhm?

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