May 23, 2008

In France, eBay "C'est Vous!"

An amazing idea from the agency BETC EuroRSCG for eBay France. Their dilemma: how do you advertise something that sells almost anything?

So eBay France -better said, their agency- came up with this idea: they bought ten 30" spots and they listed the spots on eBay, so their own users can bid to have the chance to advertise the product that they were selling on TV.

Here is more about the idea:

The money "paid" by these sellers (now buyers of the spot time) was donated to a charity and of course the agency was still involved in the production of the ads. At the end of the day the campaign was about selling the winner's products but also about selling eBay. So all the ads have a common design full of white and the same closure.

Below, one of those ads (in French, sorry!). What they are selling is her "princess dress" but making the point that for her was her "magical dress" that protected her against any attack. Finally, one day she found someone that could protect her forever, so she does not need the dress anymore and now the dress is available on eBay.

As you can see, a simple, nice ad, with a startegy that by including real people, reinforces the concept "eBay it's you!"

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