May 21, 2008

Need Help?

"Everyone needs a little help from time to time"; that's the slogan for Help Remedies, a new line of acetaminophen pills and adhesive bandages. Their packaging is white, clean, attractive and fun.

But the best part is the copy inside the packaging. Maybe because I am very clumsy or maybe because I always enjoy a good copy, I simply fell in love with it. Once you open the bandages' pack you will find this 'welcome':

"Hello. I am sorry that you cut yourself. It could be an isolated incident, or maybe you are a very clumsy person. Don't worry. The clumsy are much more lovable than the graceful. The graceful are always busy ballet dancing, and doing incredible feats on the trapeze. The clumsy are always busy being coddled, rubbed, and cared for.

So if you are not too busy having attractive persons ravish you with affection, take a minute to care for your injury. Wash it, and lay one of our pretty bandages on top. I a matter of moments you will be able to return to your clumsy affairs."

Let's face it, if you just cut yourself and that made you feel clumsy, reading this will make you feel good again instantly, bandage or not.

Their site, Help I Need Help, explains why their products are really different, but also features a "Help, I Am Bored" section, that is worth playing with. (I know I can use their "Help. I forgot someone's name" almost daily!)

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