May 26, 2008

Not So Ugly Anymore?

During the long weekend -as some of you may have noticed already- I spent a good part of my time working on a facelift for UglyDoggy.

Here are some things I learned when changing templates in Blogger:

1. The process is quick and almost painless, but you want to have a copy of your old template as well as a copy of all your widgets as some of them may dissapear with the change.

2. For some strange reason, Google Analytics is NOT transferred with the rest of the code. So if you don't want to lose information (like it happened to me during this whole weekend), make sure you copy it back into your new template.

3. In my case, I chose one of the "Minima strech" templates. The main reason being that you have more space for your main writing but -if needed- you can also tweak the template to have two side columns relatively easy (check the "how to" at Hackosphere).

Hope you like the new doggy, ugly and all!


Unknown said...

looks great Sandra! Who did your logo?

San said...

Thanks for the compliment. The logo is my own amateurish attempt... using the SnagIt editor, so not too many tools to work with!