Jun 27, 2008

The Shocking Value

This recently launched campaign from Argentina, called "Without Skin" may look gruesome but it just deals with reality. The title reads "Here is the rest of your fur coat" and as you can guess is against the use of fur for fashion purpouses.

Sin Piel -Click to enlarge
The organization behind the ad is AnimaNaturalis -based in Spain- and the campaign was launched with a street performance, where 50 people in underwear and covered with blood representing the killed animals (see below). As I said before, I tend to prefer subtlety to convey a message, but in cases like this I guess that a direct message works better, getting the attention of everyone.

The street perfomance run for almost an hour and got the attention of journalists and passersby.

While I personally do not agree with the whole vegan movement and I have very logical reasons for that (almost all mammals on the earth kill others to survive, and we are...? oh, yeah, mammals!), I am all for any message that tries to stop the killing or the suffering of animals for reasons like fashion or entertainment. We can and should do better.

If you are interested in the work of AnimaNaturalis, here is their site, but is just in Spanish and as I warned you, they seem a bit fundamentalists in their defense of the animals.


Leo said...

I tend to agree, I don't mind the use of animals for survival, eating for protein and whatnot, but I tend to think that in most cases they are treated worse and wasted more often than they need to be. So just like I buy second hand clothes and try not to buy crap, I try to not eat a lot of meat, buy local, and to eat all of what I make/buy.

Caiti said...

As a vegetarian I've always heard people make the comment "top of the food chain" and I understood. You do what you have to do. But, I one day realized that the majority of animals that humans eat are herbivores. So it doesn't really work. You're eating animals ( such as cow, deer, pig, chicken, etc.) that only eat vegetables/grain.

Unfortunately it's a pretty empty argument.