Jun 20, 2008

Street Art - They Did It Again!

CutUp Collective is a group in England that actually remove billboards to cut them up into small pieces ("pixels") and create new images with them, images that they put back on the streets.

For example, the bus stop poster that you can see here was made from a Spiderman poster -according to Scott Burnham, the Creative Director of the 2009 Montreal Biennale-, who has also spent some time with the group talking about their methods.

But they also take over bigger jobs, like billboards. Last night, they installed their latest work in London, and some of those billboards seem to require an impressive amount of work and careful planning!

I specially like this one, that in some way replicates the urban scene that surrounds it:

CutUp billboard

This other one, that seems unfinished, is impressive too:

Street art always had its special aura but it is interesting to see how lately it has become more and more complex -like in this case or the Blu animated wall paintings-, and has also become more of a collective work than it was before (think Improv Anywhere).

You can see more pictures of their last work at Flickr or visit their site for images of their previous work.


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