Jul 24, 2008

Can You Please Cut the Bull...?

My blog is called UglyDoggy because of my dogs. I have no problem in saying out loud that I like dogs more than people, because I truly do.

But reading that PETA and the Humane Sociaty were "infuriated" by the new ad from Verizon Wireles, was simply too much for me. What a bunch of hypocrites!

Are we talking the same PETA and Humane Society that wanted to euthanize all of Vick's dogs?

Again, I really really love dogs. But considering a mediocre ad an "anti pit bull" propaganda, is simply another type of bull, is bullshit.

So, how is it? From now on, pitbulls only can be featured kissing each other? The only dogs that can be portrayed as guardians or junkyard dogs have to be chihuahuas?

The ad is a METAPHOR, people! It is just trying to say that the phone is such a desirable object that people would take risks to touch one. The dogs, on the other hand, are basically representing guardian dogs. Some people, like my husband, didn't even notice they were pitbulls, he just saw what we normally call "junkyard dogs".

And... why is such a big deal to show them defending something in a fictional story (aka an ad) but is ok to euthanize FOR real dogs that are mean because that is what they were taught, without giving them a chance to learn to be different?

I was relieved to hear that Verizon is not pulling the ad. All extremes are bad and when they are mixed with hypocresy, that is even worst!

Another reason I prefer Best Friends to PETA anytime. Best Friends makes less noise but gets more work done. In fact, they took the worst cases of Vick's dogs and they are trying to teach them how to be "normal" again. At least, they do what they preach.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. While the Humane Society and PETA have good intentions, they seem to complain a lot about ridiculous issues. The spot is not that great to begin with and the associations are just helping to prolong the airtime of the spot by giving it media attention. Not smart.

I too have become a big fan of Best Friends and thankful they are around to help innocent animals who fall victim to a-holes that feel it's ok to be abusive. Thanks for the rant. BTW, dogs are much better than people.