Jul 2, 2008

Cars & Gas, Think Smart!

Think Car Logo Lately, gas prices are making te news everyday. Hybrids sales are going up, prices for SUV's are going down. Here in the US even the Smart car for two seems to be gaining some popularity.

But the interesting news are that Think! is also entering the US market and they area already working in a 5 seats all electric car that can perfectly become the taxi of the future. Called Think Ox, and still in the concept development stage, the idea is to bring to life an MPV version and a coupé version. The MPV version is the one suggested as a taxi with a larger luggage space, as it is designed for easy entry and exit, and a spacious and easy access luggage trunk. The coupé and sports versions have a larger battery capacity for higher performance. You can watch a movie about Think Ox here, and browse their site to see their model in production, the Think City.

Now, when it comes to think in a complete different direction, nothing like the recently unveiled GINA Visionary Model from BMW: A shape-shifting car covered with fabric that will never see production (it is going straight to the BMW museum), but it actually runs and drive.

The access to the engine is through a slit in the hood and according to BMW engineers, the shape of the body can be changed without slackening or damaging the opaque but translucent fabric that allows the taillights to shine through while small motors pull the fabric back to reveal the headlights that can wink at you!

The interior is equally innovative. The steering wheel and gauges swing into place and the headrest rises from the seat once the driver is seated, making it easier to get in and out of the car. Check it out:

Now, if you are seriously interested in electric cars and you have the money (almost 100k) nothing like the all-electric Tesla Roadster !



Unknown said...

I rather liked GINA

San said...

Well... I do like Gina better but is not available! :))