Jul 15, 2008

It's the Brand, Stupid!

This commercial from India is interesting for two reasons: the simplest one is because it is funny, original and has a pretty decent production.

But the main reason I am posting it here is because it exemplifies in an amusing way, a very useful lesson for people in the media and in business in general.

But first, let's watch the ad:

So..., what is the lesson? Simply put, that sometimes the power is not in you, but in the brand behind you.

In this commercial, though, is not even the brand but the product, a can of Coke would probably have the same effect. But going back to the lesson...

The one that taught me about it was my father. He was a journalist (among several other things, like lawyer, teacher and judge, I guess multitasking runs in the family) and he had his own small newspaper for lawyers for almost 30 years but at the same time contributed articles for bigger nationwide ones.

Through those years, he saw many journalists going from having a great job to have a not so good one just because they never realized that it was the name behind them the one that was opening them doors. They didn't realized on time that when they were contacting someone saying "I am Joe Doe, calling from the New York Times" it was the NYT the name that got the attention on the other side, not theirs. So when they change to a smaller local newspaper they found themselves having a tougher time to get the interview or the information, and not understanding the reasons why.

I am not saying that change is not good, not at all. Nor implying that you should not leave a recognized brand to work in a smaller one. No, no, no.

The lesson is just about our own ego. You are always who you are -for better or worst-, but sometimes for others you are not the special one... the brand behind you is.

So be proud of your work if you are doing a good one but keep the lesson in mind, it helps to tame the ego!

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