Jul 29, 2008

"Sexist" Ads for a Chuckle

None of these ads are new but I saved them a long time ago just because they made me smile. I know some people may find them "sexist" but again, I am not politically correct nor I think that ads that are obviously just making a joke should be analyzed any deeper than that.

First, a classic from Brazil, for the 31 years of Playboy:

Playboy Brazil

Second, a PostIt ad that for a long time I thought it was a spoof but my good friend from AdvertEyes was able to find the agency and verify it is for real.

Don't start to cry out loud, ladies, it could have been the other way around too....

Post It ad

Last but not least, the one I like the most. It is really borderline -can go one way or the other- but considering the shop is in Milano, I think it just shows a very Italian way of looking at things...

Hairdresser Ad

It may seem a little too much but I think that at the end, the carefully way it was designed makes it very palatable!

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