Aug 6, 2008

Wear Your Favorite Movie!

What you see here are called "cinematique frames" and their uniqueness resides in the fact that it incorporates the images from your favorite film on a pair of trendy eyeglasses made by designer Zakarias Tipton.

The frames are made by recycling 35mm and 16mm movies. The film is collected from cinemas and dates from after 1989 (the fall of Communism in Hungary).

The 29-year-old optician first began experimenting with vinyl and plastic glass frames about eight years ago and now sells a range of Cinematique eyewear with clips from the silver screen worked into the frame.

I have to say, they look beautiful and really different...

A couple of close up shots:

So far, he works with a list of about 300 films to choose from, but as he explains, "Not all films make good material though, as the images must have bold colors and lots of contrast."

"They (customers) tell us they'd like a film from Woody Allen or they want 'Mission Impossible 3' in their frame or they want a picture of some famous actor, then we will make it here and ship it to them," Tipton said. According to him a favorite among his clients "is the 2003 action movie 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico'..., there are explosions everywhere, contrast, people flying, jumping, which brings out an added dimension."

Some frame fronts also include very small pieces of 16 mm film laminated between layers of cellulose acetate, as you can see here:

According to an article in Reuters, the company is based in Budapest but the collection is sold across Europe and North America. Sadly, I couldn't find where exactly you can get them in the US.

At his website you can see his actual collection, and if you can get your hands on one of these, please let me know. I do not wear reading glasses but I would love to have a pair of sunglasses with a scene from the "Godfather" or from "La Mala Educacion"!


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Anonymous said...

Its a great collection,I really want to by these pair of glasses,they look so cool.