Sep 30, 2008

Greenpeace Took Over the Obelisk

Today, if you were in Buenos Aires around the obelisk very early in the morning, you would have noticed something strange over the most traditional and recognized monument of this city.

It was a message delivered by Greenpeace with their usual way of communicating: guerilla action! This time the issue was contamination: the message was in fact a fake "prize" awarded to the city for dumping (burying really) the city's garbage in the surrounding areas, contaminating those areas and for doing nothing to enforce a law approved in 2005 aimed to reduce the quantity of garbage sent to those areas.

As per their own story, eight activists entered the obelisk at 5:30 am and with climbing equipment they displayed the message, giving the city the "1st prize" in contamination.

This is how the whole thing looked at the end:

Of course, two hours later the police and the firefighters were there to arrest the activists. According to several sources the traffic was more disrupted for the police action than by the Greenpeace move, but I guess that the traffic jam that the police caused just helped to draw more attention to the message.

If you do understand Spanish, here is the video of the group in action.

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