Sep 5, 2008

It's Friday, Take Risks!

I am in Uruguay now, specifically in Colonia del Sacramento, where we spent the day and will spent the night. Tomorrow, we will continue our trip, this time by bus to Montevideo. So, between friends, family and business in Argentina and this little trip to Uruguay I have had little time left for blogging.

Nevertheless, I have tons of pics of very cool shows, museums and expos we have attended in Buenos Aires, and I will post those as soon as I have time enough to write.

Meanwhile, I have to share this picture... OBVIOUSLY is pure Photoshop, but when we saw it, we couldn't stop laughing.

It may seem unrelated to the topics of this blog, but it is not. When we have a clear goal in sight -a challenging one-, we are more open to take risks and creative thinking has always a "risk component"...

With a clear goal in mind, there is no "Mission Impossible"!

Source: Slideshow- Things to do before the end of the year (thanks, Mom!)

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