Oct 5, 2008

A Bed and Breakfast with Design

Doing some research for a conference that I will be giving next week, I came across the "first designed Bed & Breakfast" of Buenos Aires, situated in the heart of Palermo Viejo, a neighborhood with a lot of history that has become more and more trendy and now is know as "Palermo SoHo".

What makes the place more interesting is the fact that it was originally a convent, built on a property donated by a French noblewoman to the Santo Domingo Church. It opened at the end of the XIX century and now -almost one century later-, it was remodeled to become a very charming bed & breakfast, named "Malabia House".

The original building is from 1896 and as you can see in the following pictures, the spirit of the building was maintained: tranquility and peace seem to surround the place.

The Interior Garden

Look Up


To the Rooms

Old and New

Living Room

I do have my own apartment in BA but if I ever need a Bed & Breakfast I would probably try this one first. With something like 11 or 15 rooms, nice design and a serene atmosphere (and internet connection, of course) seems like a place I would enjoy for sure!


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