Nov 24, 2008

Advertising With the News

This ad is a real gem considering it is an online ad, just text, the kind that is normally very boring.

It was in the Spirit Airlines newsletter and as you can see it just play with the news (for those outside the US, it is directly related to the stupidity of Detroit's Big Three that flew their CEOs to Washington in three private separate jets to ask for billions of dollars to "stay afloat").

When it comes to the Big Three is just a matter of image. I guess they are not used to fly on commercial airlines when they are in a hurry, but any Public Relations executive with two brain cells making synapsis should have foreseen that it is not a good idea to go to church to ask for a handout in limousine and wearing a Rolex. Your chances of getting the money are just slim, even if a friend is the owner of the limousine and the Rolex is a knock-off (what wasn't what happened in this case).

But whoever wrote this little ad in the newsletter is a -no doubt- a good copywriter. Creativity in its most pure form, that with just words and some sense of humor makes this little ad stand out among the others.

PS: Thanks Brigitte for sending the ad this way!

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intrepidideas said...

Hi there, haven't seen you around lately. This is a great post. The big 3 are scheduled to meet again soon. Let's see if they change their tune at the next meeting. How's Spirit doing? I'd heard they, like many other companies, could use a bail out as well.