Nov 21, 2008

It's Friday, Enjoy the Simple Things!

I am amazed this video has not become more popular yet. It may seem tremendously silly at first, but once you start watching it seems almost impossible to not have it open all the time and take a peek from time to time. It streams live so I don't really know what you will see whenever you arrive to my blog, but from my own experience I will guess "sleeping" or "playing". Ah, that's the life of a puppy!, or at least the life they should have (insert here my own ad against puppy mills).

BEWARE: Before clicking "read more" what will take you to the video, be advised that while 99% of the time there is extreme silence but if it is feeding time for the puppies it's also frenzy time and you will need to put the sound off!

I learned of someone that has this video as her screensaver because she finds it relaxing. I watch it for fun but I think it can also be a learning experience. You can write a novel based just on each puppy's character and for sure it is something to show your kids for entertaining.

Hope you'll enjoy it too.

PS: from time to time the life cam is offline -when that happens you will see a slideshow- and I guess that in some months it will not be on anymore... so have fun while it last!

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