Nov 4, 2008

Vote, Just VOTE!

Today is almost like "D" Day. No soldiers to deploy or shores to conquer but it may be as crucial as that day was. It is the day when the US will choose which way they want to go, if they want to become again the power of change they were 10 years ago when other powerful countries looked up to the US for leadership or if they rather stay where they are now, still powerful but alone, crumbling and frigthened. I guess it goes without saying who I want to win.

Nevertheless this is not about voting for this or that ticket. This is about voting.

First, let's have fun together with a new PSA from Spielberg, another "Don't vote" one but with the look and feel of a backstage documentary. It is not for McCain or Obama, it is for democracy.

Please, no excuses today. If you want to have a voice, you should vote. Right or left, GOP, dem or independant there is no good excuse to not vote if you are allowed to. Yeap, there may a long waiting time involved and it may rain over you. But you will be part of a process that will shape the country and the world in the next years. A process that by itself -it doesn't really matters who the candidates are-, means the opportunity to innovate. No excuses allow, go ahead, be a man (or a woman), defy the weather or the long line and just VOTE.

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Josie said...

Thank you for that. I read your main page and chuckled when yuou said you didn't like Fla. I used to live there and i don't care for it either. However, I must tip my hat to them for voting for Obama in this election. I hope you give the midwest a visit the next time you travel to the USA.