Dec 10, 2008

Food Is Precious

I have seen before some of Kali Arulpragasam's weird and bold jewellery designs and until now I wasn't really impressed but then today I came across her summer collection "Hunger"..., and I totally fell inlove with the idea and the execution!

Inspired by the way food is perceived in countries other than in the West, Arulpragasam made beads that molded from staples like corn, beans, rice, lentils and seeds, and has created with that some amazing jewellery.

From huge breastplates to smaller and more delicate pieces this collection has a "je ne sais quois" that I personally didn't find in her previous work...

It may sound like an oxymoron to create gold and silver beads to send a message about poverty, famine and consumption but in her defense we have to point out that a percentage of the sales from this collection will go directly to Oxfam International.

Chic and feminine

Big and bold

This collection is a great example of how you can get inspired by simply looking at things with the eyes of someone else: another person, another culture or another time.

Nature has been and will be the inspiration to create new things -from eco gadgets to great jewelry- but in this case the idea with its simplicity mirrors perfectly what food is for so many: a precious thing to have.

Photography by Jannica Honey

PS: If you want to see the catalog with the whole line it is available in her site, Superfertile but in PDF only.

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