Jan 6, 2009

My Two New Addictions

I have been resisting Facebook for a long time now and -even if it is a difficult battle- so far I managed to stay away from it (disclaimer: if they ever change hands I may join, my problem is with its management).

With Twitter though, I was just avoiding it mostly because I know that anything that means "communication" can be an addiction for me... but on the other hand, part of my work is to know about social networks so I finally gave in. As I suspected, it is addictive and pretty fun.

BTW, if you are new at Twitter and you are looking for nice looking "Follow Me" image for your blog check this article, with more than 100 signs to choose from.

My second new vice though was a little unexpected. Being a member of Kiva for a long time, when they started their groups I joined two: the Animal Lovers one (of course) and the AASFSHNB what translates in "Agnostics, Atheists, Freethinkers, Secular Humanists and Non Believers. The intention wasn't really to "communicate" with others but to lend my money "in name of..." (my beliefs, you can say).

Really, I wasn't expecting too much from the group, due to my past experiences. As someone in the group said, "Freethinkers are like cats (hard to herd)" and in the past I joined several similar groups in some other social networks, like Gather.com, but no real action in there. This Kiva group ended up being great, with a lot of information being exchanged and good discussions to read.

So if you consider yourself a freethinker and you enjoy to do good you can have the best of all words by joining Kiva and then the AAFSHNB group, that by the way so far is the #1 group in number of loans and amount of money loaned. Funny, how the "godless bunch" pull it through and became the ones doing the most at least for now. On the other hand, if you are a Xian, you can join the Xian team at Kiva and try to get your group to be number one.

It may up being a friendly competition -who gets to give more loans-, (being the 3 top contenders being the Obama followers, the AAFSHNB and the Xians) that will benefit for sure a lot of people!

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