Jan 29, 2009

Obama & Pepsi - Round II

Some of you may remember my comments when I first saw the new Pepsi logo. Apparently I wasn't the only one that noticed some similaraties between the redesigned Pepsi logo and the Obama logo..., or maybe I started something, who knows?

One way or the other, the resemblance picked up some attention on the blogosphere, to the point that PepsiCo brands VP (Frank Cooper) officially addressed the issue at a pre-Super Bowl conference.

Let me tell you just one thing: I do believe in coincidences but his line about "not being sure who followed whom" made me laugh. As I said before, I doubt that Pepsi tried to emulate Obama, but I don't think it was the other way either.

Here is the video, from Advertising Age:

So? What do you think? Who followed whom?

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