Feb 10, 2009

Advertising Ice Age

Ads come and go. Of course we remember some "classics" but most ads have a short life.

Nevertheless the ad featured here may be the one with the shortest lifespan ever, because it has been printed on the snow.

It's the brainchild of British media agency Curb that specializes in low-impact advertising: their services include clean advertising service (portrayed here before); sand sculptures of all sizes; patterns and logos burnt into wood using magnifying glasses and they even offer a ‘logrow’ service to cut logos as big as 30m wide into turf.

What I find interesting about the "snow tagging campaign" -created for the sports channel brand Extreme- is the story behind it: this wasn’t a planned campaign, at least not by Extreme.

The story goes like this: Curb realized they could do a smart burst of branding for Extreme if it would snow. So they prepared the stamps ahead of time and called Extreme when it started snowing. The brand, clearly not the typical slow-moving burocratic type, gave an immediate go-ahead and apparently is happy with the outcome.

Household names have already used the agency services: the Adidas logo was part of the grass and Volkswagen commissioned a sand sculpture and Barack Obama’s face was etched into wood. Here some other examples of their work:

Nike in wood

VW in sand

More snow for Extreme


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