Feb 23, 2009

Creativity from the Ordinary Man

Have you ever been to "The Best of Craiglist"?

Really, whenever you want to read really unusual ads, that is the place to go. I am not talking about "weird" ads related to kinky sex (those may be good too but that is another story). I am talking about little gems of creativity that are written by ordinary men and women with very distinctive and different goals.

In that section you can read a guy's search "For the jewish girl that passed out in my bed" (apparently they were both too drunk and he wrote down the wrong phone number, or the story of the guy that only wants to tell a girl that when she called at 1:30 am in the morning to dump him, she dialed the wrong number.

But you can also find there some totally futile searches, like the guy that wants a time machine to be able to send a warning note to himself to avoid getting a girl pregnant and receiving -in exchange- three STDs from her.

Some others though, try to help you get what you want (and what they want) by offering i.e. not just a car but a small guide on "How To Justify Buying My Car to a Significant Other". There are open letters to African scammers and a "job offer" that includes non-paid training for lice removal.

Still, my favorites by far, are the rants. Intelligent and eloquent people that are totally fed up with a particular situation can get very creative when they decide that enough is enough. From the "Eleven Things I Hate About Working at a Liquor Store" to "Pregnancy Doesn't Make You Divine..." you will surely have fun with these postings and you can learn a thing or two in the process. Make sure you make some time for "Severly Obese Smoker Woman Looking for Love" too.

If you are in need of a break or if you want samples of creative writing, check the Best of Craiglist. You will not be dissapointed.

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